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About Panama sport fishing alliance

  • Panama Sportfishing Alliance is an experienced group of anglers and outdoorsmen dedicated to providing its members with the highest quality sportfishing adventure for the best value.

  • Membership has its advantages- with our program members pay a one-time buy in price and then an annual fee each year to use their membership. By doing it this way we have found that we are able to save members an average of 50% as compared to booking the traditional way. Need more information on how it works? Contact us today!

  • Location, location, location- we picked Boca Chica, Panama as our location because it is the perfect spot to access most all of Panama's premier fishing spots. We fish both inshore and offshore at spots like the Hannibal Bank, Montousa Island, Coiba Island, and many more. We purchased the Seagull Cove Lodge for the accommodations and the perfect place to relax, dine, and tell fish stories!

  • It's all about choices- In addition to world class fishing in Panama each of our members also receives a membership to "Trips4Trade". This allows our members to trade their time in Panama for other amazing outdoor adventures around the globe including fishing, hunting, skiing, surfing, condos, cabins, etc. 

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Panama Sportfishing Alliance is committed to providing an outstanding customer experience, to being a great place to work, a thoughtful steward of the environment, maintaining a sustainable fishery, and be a caring citizen in the communities where they live and work. Panama Sportfishing Alliance is passionate about connecting people and places and improving the quality of life in Panama and around the world.