Panama (and Boca Chica in particular) is a bucket list destination for avid fishermen from around the world and when you decide to come you will want to fish with us! Our management team spent many years researching the ideal location to operate our world class fishing operation and here a few of the reasons you will want to consider being a member of Panama Sportfishing Alliance:

The sheer variety of fish species

On any given day you can target offshore species like Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Dorado, Yellowfin tuna, Swordfish, and more. Or how about in-shore for Roosterfish, Cubera snapper, Snook, Grouper, and many more. They don't call this area the "Jurassic Park" of sportfishing for nothing! These fish are plentiful, large, hard hitting specimens that will test the skill set of the novice as well as the most seasoned angler. The areas in and around Panama are home to more IFGA world records that most likely anywhere else in the world. 

Location, location, location

Our lodge is the closest land based operation to all of the areas legendary fishing spots. Places like the Hannibal Bank, Montousa, Coiba Island, Landrones island, to name a few, as well as an unlimited amount of inshore targets and high spots to explore. The logistics are simple for our member & guests- wake up, eat breakfast, walk down to our private dock, jump on your fully equipped 28-30' center console battlewagon, and go fishing!

Variety of fishing styles and techniques

We employ a large variety of fishing techniques including deep water jigging, trolling, surface poppers and stick baits, live and cut bait, and more. In addition each angler can choose conventional or spinning gear based on their skill level. We also have members who want to fly fish or spearfish and even some who do all of these! You can be assured we have all the best quality rods, reels, and terminal tackle. The beauty here is that you and your group get to decide each day what species to target and how you want to fish for them. We provide the fishing platform and the expertise and then it is game on!

Larry Fishing 3.png

The weather

Here in Panama there are really no"off" seasons. We have a dry season where bait is pushed inshore and the predatory fish follow and then a wet season where upwellings on the offshore banks bring in large concentrations of large pelagic fish for us to target. Just reach out to us with the type of fish you want to catch and we will recommend the best dates for your trip.

With so many great options we almost NEVER lose a fishing day to the weather.


With the ever changing world we live in today we know that one of the most important things we can do is be flexible. Our members can do things like roll over their time to future years, borrow from future years, split trips, gift trips, upgrade or downsize their membership, sell, donate, and one of the most important benefits- trade their Panama time for outdoor adventure trips around the world. Trades can be done with our partner "Trips4Trade", on their own, or with the assistance from the club.

Dollars and sense

Let's face it guys & girls- fishing in exotic places anywhere in the world is not cheap! That being said with our membership business model our members will save on average 50% when compared to the same trip at a traditional lodge. Let's be clear on this point- crystal clear. We are not talking about low end, basic gear, no frills trips here! We are talking apples-to-apples comparisons where our members truly get the most bang for their buck. There are a number of reasons why we can offer this amount of value but safe to say "membership has its advantages". Please feel free to email our founder Larry Hansen at and he will give you the lowdown on where your fishing charter dollars actually go and why our program offers you the best value.